Help Santa remember foster kids this Christmas — 12 Comments

  1. Would like involved…can you give me more information? Plus, I have some more questions that are in my heart. Thank you.

  2. hi im new to this and i realize that its too late to try and give a child at least a good christmas this year but maybe i can try and get signed up for next year. if you could give me some info about this in my area (fox valley) and if you could give me some places i could help at or do on christmas in the fox valley area it would be appreciated i cannot find anything
    thanks lindsey

  3. As a foster kid Christmas is one of the hardest holidays. It’s built up around family when often you don’t have none. It’s nice to receive gifts with your name because that means something was thinking of you. My time in foster care all of our Christmas presents came from donations. We forgot about the hardships of life for just a little bit

  4. Figuring out the holiday of Christmas is not the easiest. But no matter what as foster parents we have the motivation to figure out how to get gifts for all our children. This will be our first Christmas with our first placement and we are more than lucky to have him. We will be figuring out and trying to remember what a two year old likes or wants. But thanks to us already raising a grandson who turned 9 today, he has been very helpful. He doesn’t care what he gets from Santa as long as Santa remembers Little C., gets trucks and trains and toys and clothing from Santa. So somehow and someway we will figure things out and make this a Christmas both the boys remember for they are both at home and loving every bit of it.

  5. I have 3 foster children (girls) ages 10 yrs, 13 yrs and 14 yrs. old. My questions is are there any Christmas organized parties around town where my girls can attend and get into and enjoy the holiday seasons. It has been really tuff on them since separation from their mom.

  6. me and My wife love kids and can not have one we love to have children in the home for xmass but they put it take for ever to be come a foster patient and more money then we can do so if some out there can help with all this we thnx you we love to have kids for xmas this year and for ever thnx you so much you can email us at

    • We have a little guy and we mean little even though he is 5 he looks more like a 3 yr old. His name is Cameron. He is an energizer bunny. He is adhd, with 1/2 of chromosome 2 missing. He is such a pleasure to have in our family. He has become a little brother to our grandson whom we are raising. He was placed with us over 3 years ago and we finally were allowed to adopt him. He is in T3 clothing and loves all types of trucks trains buses anything boy. Him and Frankie love puzzles and games. We live on our Social Security Disability. He us always smiling no matter what. Thank you for taking the time to read through this.

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