Dad is more than just a name: The extraordinary role of the foster parent

Dad is more than just a name: The extraordinary role of the foster parentIt can be hard to recognize who you were before you became a foster parent. If I would ask my husband who he was before fostering, he would probably respond, “I was not this tore up!”

Unfortunately, it is easier to recall negative experiences over positive, and there is a physiological reason why this happens. The brain handles positive and negative Continue reading →

Adopting our daughter and giving her a forever family

Almost a year ago we adopted our daughter, the girl who had been a part of our elsa2family for nearly four  years. She came to us as a teeny tiny, vulnerable baby girl, and has grown into a slightly larger, even more beautiful, still vulnerable, baby girl.

Our adoption day was beautiful and perfect, and a little anti-climatic after considering our daughter a part of our family and our hearts for so long.

Instead of a huge adoption party, we chose to celebrate with Continue reading →

Foster parenting as a team: Lessons from Harley-Davidson’s recovery

Foster parenting as a team: Lessons from Harley-Davidson’s recoveryIt might sound like an unlikely connection, but a good approach toward being a foster parent — and working with all the people involved in a foster child’s life — can be found in the story of Harley-Davidson.

Not too long ago, more than a quarter of a million people came to Milwaukee to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of this great company. But things weren’t always Continue reading →

Adoption comes from a sad situation, but represents hope for the future

It was spring 2011 when our first foster child was brought to our home. Over the years that followed, our hearts grew and broke in ways we never anticipated.

We went into foster care hoping that we would get the chance to adopt. Sadly, this caused us to start our journey closed off to a large population of those hurting within the foster care system — the biological family. Continue reading →

Adoptions weren’t planned, but they make our family complete

In just a few weeks, we will be adopting our third child in two years. Let me just say that three years ago, this was not in our plans at all.

We had this beautiful girl who had been in our home since she was 3 months old. We were (and still are) completely in love with her; she had become my heartbeat along with my biological children.

Then one beautiful spring day while playing at the park we got “The Call.” Continue reading →

Fostering works because of the “do it anyway” people


The “I’ll do it someday” people never change the world. It’s the “I’ll do it anyway” people who make a difference.

Many aspects of fostering are difficult and even heartbreaking.  So, how do people stay licensed foster parents year after year and child after child? How do they endure Continue reading →