5 things foster care has taught me — 4 Comments

  1. We love to Adopt a Boy and a Girl in the age of 8-11.We have aDaughter she is21and a Son he is 9. We love Kids but i can have no more.I lost 4 Baby’s .but God is with us and we hope one day we can Adopt 1-2Kids .That be Wunderful.

  2. We have been foster parents for over 20 years and we wouldn’t have changed that for anything. Our speciality is teenagers most would shy away from them but not us. We have always had a home filled with teens and love the new things they have taught us. Sometimes it can be frustrating but for the most part we teach them to have a sense of humor and quick wit and that will help them through the difficult and stressful times in their lives and it works! Now we have branched out to the little ones. Teens are less likely to have a lot of temper tantrums during the day so well stay with them also lol.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your heart. Working within the foster care system can be draining and taxing journey. It is encouraging to me to hear how you are learning from it and valuing every moment you have with the children you help. It is a list that I will try to recall as I work with foster youth in my line of work. Thanks,

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