As a foster parent advocate, my role is to support foster families through the good times and the bad times. Watch this video to learn how I help parents understand what fostering is all about and guide foster families to resources within Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

If you have a question about fostering, post a comment below and let me know!

Drankiewicz_Paulette– Paulette Drankiewicz, foster parent liaison, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Paulette is a foster and adoptive parent. She works at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin as a foster parent liaison, providing support, offering encouragement and advocating for foster parents throughout all phases of fostering and adoption.


My role as a foster parent advocate for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services — 1 Comment

  1. Paulette is so wonderful!!! I was blessed enough to meet her right when we began fostering and she was one of our beat resources. I remember not knowing who to call when we were placed with two toddlers who ended up being petrified of our very calm, kind dogs. Paulette explained how it would take the kids and the dogs time to get used to each other. She then took the conversation further and asked how things were going and offered additional advice in other areas. Childrens is lucky to have her!

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