My husband and I quickly found out that to be successful as foster parents, you need lots of support — no one does it alone. We found support by reaching out to family, friends, the community, other foster parents and the staff at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services. Watch this video to learn about the resources that were available to us as foster parents.

– Megan Massey, adoptive parent
Megan Massey


No foster parent does it alone: How we found support — 3 Comments

  1. I wish I had some sort of support from fellow foster parents. The only time I ever see any of them is at the holiday party in December and sometimes when I have one sibling of a group to arrange visits. Maybe it is different in Milwaukee, but in Racine there isn’t any way to network. Also the community can be tricky. It seems many people think that a child is in foster care because the child is the problem and is a trouble maker. I have educated most of the neighbors what the real deal is but there are still parents who don’t want their kids playing with “my kids.”

    • Hello Scott, I advice that you join online community, where you can talk about your problems and concerns to people who can understand and help you. Try searching on online directory of groups or organizations that are near in your community, I’m sure there are. 🙂

      It’s just a phase, you’ll be able to handle things. 🙂

      • Hi Scott, so sorry to hear that. There is a great community on facebook called foster and adoptive parents. Id sat half of the group is based in the milwaukee area but some members are even overseas. Its a great way to connect even if its not in person. Stay stong and best wishes!

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