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  1. Paulette,

    I think the same people were there when we went to that waterpark!!

    You forgot the one who said, “I was going to foster/adopt/”do that”…..But I am so busy, too old, too young, have a small house, love my pets too much etc etc etc.

    And the one who said, “Do they know you are not their “real” parents!?!?” What?????

    And the one who said, “How could his/her mother just give up her child like that?”…..Geez…

    And the one who said, “How much did they cost?”……Sigh….

    Standing tall, speaking kindly and educating the public one nosy person at a time……


  2. Oh… you know you’re an adoptive parent when you read this and just LAUGH. The things people do and say…
    And I LOVE what danee wrote above… educating the public one nosy person at a time. Good stuff!

  3. My husband and I are foster parents. We have 7 children in our home. 3 of our own, our nephew-who is in foster care and 3 hispanic children in foster care. We love our rainbow tribe as my friend calls it and yes, we get stares and get the awkward questions about our children, especially when all the children call us mom and dad. Ironically if only one of us has the children then we don’t get the stares and questions, but if we are all together it does happen. I love them all like my own and would not trade them for the world.

  4. We are in training to become foster parents, and I can’t wait! I’m filled with the rosy excitement that only ignorance can bring, but I’m enjoying it while I can! Another foster parent told me she says, “I’ll forgive you for asking that if you’ll forgive me for not answering that.” I don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts to say that, but I like it. Friendly, yet in-your-face!

  5. We had 2 toddlers that were a few months apart placed with us. We were out in parking lot trying to load everybody into the car, a car pulled up and tried to ask questions while everybody was having a melt down.

    Them: They are so cute. One boy and one girl?
    Me: Thanks, yes.
    Them: Aww, do they always cry like that?
    Me: No
    Them: Are they yours?
    Me: Yep
    Them: Are they twins?
    Me: No
    Them: How old are they?
    Me: 18 months & 22 months
    Them: But…how….?
    Me: Gods work!
    I then quickly got in my car and drove away.

  6. We just got our first foster baby. He is a month older than our biological son, and his skin is several shades darker. We are already laughing in preparation for the questions that are to come! My husband says we’ll just tell people I ate too many oreos while pregnant with our “twins”. 😉

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